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Defects We've Found

Below are some defects we have uncovered over the years.

Improper gas meter clearance

Defect- Roof
Bad skylight installation

Defect- Vent
Dryer vent inside of storm window

Defect- Waterheater
Hose clamps fix it every time!

Defect- Attic
My contractor said it would work!!

Defect- Attic
Firestopping missing in attic

Defect- Attic
If it's broke, just duct tape it!

Defect- Fastners
Joist hangers installed upside-down and missing the fastners!

Defect- Flue Pipe
Hole in flue pipe

Defect- Footing
And this footing is supposed to hold up the house?  How??

Defect- Garage Door
Garage door safety beams

Defect- Mouse
Yep! It was there for awhile!!

Defect- Piping
Things that make you go HMMM?

Defect- Plumbing
Homemade plumbing connection

Defect- Roof
Shingle defect

Defect- Roof
Bad roof flashing

Defect- Venting
Poor water heater exhaust venting

Defect- Venting
Improper venting

Defect- Sink
Sink trap

Defect- Wires